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Good Morning Washington: A Behind the Scenes Look at Our Cooking Demo

Hey guys! I’m back and it feels so good! Over the past couple of weeks, things have been busy. From baking orders, to recipe testing, planning content, chatting on podcast and making my D.C. tv appearance debut. Wait…did I actually just type that last sentence…? I did. Whoa! How things have grown, reshaped and blossomed over the last year. As most of you may remember, I spoke about redinfing what WinniE’s Bakery was going to be and honestly—it’s still evolving. But, one major thing I haven’t shared as much about—that I should’ve, is that I am a chronic illness suffer. So, a major motivation to diversify WinniE’s was a practical choice, along with other career aspirations, of course! My chronic illness has made it increasingly harder for me to do the laborious work, that I am wildly passionate about—BAKING! Becoming a pastry chef was one of the greats realizations of my life. But, due to a life threatening growth called a thymoma 2 years ago, I now receive immunotherapy called—intravenous immunoglobulin, bi-weekly. It’s always tough when you can’t depend on your body like you once were able to. And, although I would’ve never asked for the thymoma, getting that diagnosis > prognosis helped me focus and align some dreams I had been deferring for far too long.

Now, that was my long wind way of saying…I am still baking. But, I am working toward parallel dreams. Dreams that keep me in the kitchen, but that are flexing a new muscle, i.e. my brain. I am creating food video content (I am currently developing a collaborative chef + food creative cooking series), I am writing my cook-stories book and I am venturing into the realm of becoming an on-air food personality…with any luck. I am tenaciously working towards bringing theses endeavors to fruition, because these dream that are worth realizing > are goals worth achieving. So, I am working to introduce myself, my work and my passion for food to a larger audience. Part of that first step was realized last Wednesday—July 25th, when I was able to appear on Good Morning Washington! I demoed our Gluten-Free Bourbon Brown Butter Chocolate Chunk cast iron baked cookie. It was a hit! But, more importantly, I couldn’t have been more grateful for all the wonderful individuals I met at ABC7. Like, Kyle, Chanelle, Eileen and Horace, just to name a few. Feeding off of their palpable confidence and genuine kindness made that experience one of the greatest highlights in my career, thus far. Also, thanks mom for tagging along, making the hour+ drive with me and braving tv station coldness, LOVE YOU! Check out some behind the scenes photos below and click the video to view the interview. I hope you enjoy and I will see you guys back here next week! And, there will be cookies!


We made it!




Me and my mama!!